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Culinary Medics

Combining the Art of Food & Medicine

 Empowering consumers with the knowledge of how food can be used for healthy living and eating, self-care, and disease prevention and management. We bring the science, art of medicine, and nutrition to life.

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If you want to be empowered to take charge of your health while having fun, seek out Culinary Medics Disha Narang, MD and Monica Joyce, RD. These two experts bring their training, experience and passion for culinary/lifestyle medicine to educate you on how food can promote healthy living. You would think after living with diabetes for 50 years I would know everything I need know, but I am amazed at how these two bring new ideas that continue to inspire me. 

Diane Edwards


Culinary Medics offers a truly cutting-edge food education experience. They are authentic collaborators, adept at designing programs with cultural, nutritional, and environmental goals. Participants at Brushwood Center reported 100% satisfaction with this transformative program!

Catherine Game
Executive Director, Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods (Riverwoods, IL)

Dr. Narang and Monica Joyce are fabulous! Together they provide the scientific details and real world experience to show you how much a balanced and thoughtful diet can be life changing. We hosted the duo for a conversation about heart health and it was incredibly well received! I look so forward to hosting them again when we can meet in person!

Katie Dolan
Program Supervisor, Dickinson Hall (Lake Forest, IL)

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