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Healthy Drink Alternatives, Aside from Soda

While soda can be delicious and fun to indulge in every once in a while, it contains a lot of added sugar and if consumed every day may not be the most beneficial for health. Here is a list of some other drinks to have, that are just as fun and delicious but healthier!

Credit: Everyday health, Adrienne Rayski and Lauren Bedosky

  • Infusing Water with Delicious Flavors

You can do a lot with flavored water these days. If you get bored with drinking regular water, try adding some cucumbers and mint, or maybe some lemons juice with raspberries, the options are endless and it is is very refreshing with good antioxidants

  • Next, for A Natural Route Try Green Tea, Hot or Iced

Green tea is not only super natural and delicious, but has research showing it can help reduce risk if diabetes, liver disease and type 2 diabetes

  • Craving that Carbonation? Just Swap for Sparkling Water!

Sparkling water is carbonated only its much healthier as it just H2O you still get hydrated, but with the fun aspect of soda the bubbles

  • If you Need More Flavor then just Water, Add Juice

Adding Juice such as pomegranate or grape is a good way to get some vitamins in, without the hassle of all the extra added sugars. Not only is it tasty, but it also is good for your body and can help protect your heart!

  • If it's Citrus you are after, Fake your Own

It is easy to replicate a lemon lime soda of your own, all you need is sparkling club soda, lemons, lime, and stevia and just mix the proportions to your liking, add some ice for a nice refreshing healthy beverage

  • Juice all the Vegetables, no Chopping Necesssary

While less like a soda options, still can be tasty and provide a lot of good benefits of vegetables iwthout all the chewing. Unlike soda, vegetables and fruits have natural sugar, as well as lots of fiber which is important for gut health.

  • Like the Taste of Tea, but Don't Want Tons of Added Sugar? Try Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea, with reduced sugars, and sis also a great probiotic friendly for the gut

Rewind with Some Sweet Coconut Water

unsweetened coconut water is a natural source of vitamins and minerals, low in sugar, and also has electrolytes which can be replenishing especially after exercise. Coconut water can be used to hydrate, just don't mix it up with coconut milk

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