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Our Services

Virtual + Live Learning Experiences

Combining Science and Healthy Eating

Culinary Medics bring our training, experience and passion for culinary/lifestyle medicine to you. We'll teach you to manage your nutrition for optimal health with medical strategies and delicious, flavorful meals. We are available for on-site, virtual programming, or individual counseling.

Culinary Workshops

We offer workshops on a variety of nutrition-related topics. Our customized workshops include an informative cooking demonstration and explain the science behind why certain foods promote health and wellness. These programs can be tailored to a variety of nutrition-related topics and are designed to be a fun and informative experience for a variety of participants including: small groups (friends and neighbors), libraries, community centers, senior centers or corporate employees.

Our most popular topics include:

  • The Battle of the Yo-Yo Dieter

  • Dumping Diets (managing and maintaining weight)

  • Savor the Season: Mindful Holiday Eating

  • Aging Tastefully (for seniors)

  • The Power of a Plant-based Diet

  • Which Vegetarian Do You Want to Be? (learn the spectrum of vegetarian diets)

  • Love Your Heart, Love Yourself (heart-healthy eating)

  • Figuring in Fiber: Why and How

  • The Mediterranean Diet

  • The DASH Diet

  • All About Herbs and Spices

  • Diabetes: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Diabetes and Then Some

  • Menopause: A Woman’s Journey

  • Postpartum Nutrition


Individual Nutrition Advice

We offer individualized  attention and counseling with a Registered Dietitian and an Endocrinologist. We specialize in weight management and diabetes, and can also provide counseling on any of our topics listed under Culinary Workshops.


We use a personalized approach to help you meet your health needs and offer virtual visits, office visits, and email coaching for continued support.

We know making healthy eating changes can be challenging and takes time. Consider purchasing a series of visits with one or both of us.


Choose  a package of visits or let us customize one for you based on your preferences and needs.


  • 3 session series: 1 hour consultation each

  • 6 sessions: 1 hour initial consultation with five 30-minute follow-up visits

  • 9 sessions: 1 hour initial consultation with eight 30-minute follow-up visits

  • Grocery Shop with Your Doctor or Dietitian: 1 hour

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Let Culinary Medics Be Your Inspiration for 2021.

Please contact us directly for fees for service.
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